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The Path 7

Effort is not a one-time step to take,

unless we want one step to be all that we ever take.


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The Path 6

We go through change and transformation via the effort we make to heal relationships, …

the relationship we have with God,

the relationships we have with others,

and the relationship we have with our self.

(©, 2008-2012)

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The Path 5

Helping someone else starts from where THEY are at on their path,

not from where WE are at on our path.


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Going with the Flow

Going with the flow also means working to swim when we’re going under.


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The Path 4

The path that usually leads to “learning things the hard way”, so many times appears to be the “easy way” to take.

Doesn’t it?


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The Path 3

If we do NOT seek,

We will NOT find.


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Listen 3

It is for us to listen not just to our heart OR our mind,

but to both our heart AND our mind.


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Listen 2

Listen to God, not just with your heart and mind,

but with your life.


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Listen 1

Listen to what your soul is saying.


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Perfection is like a house built with rooms for everything,

including a room for improvement.


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Humanity IS Evolution.

Evolution IS Humanity.

We cannot have one without the other.


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The Path 2

Don’t give up.

Take just one more step.

Just one.



Don’t give up.


(©, 1992-2012)

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The Path 1

We can be among the first ones to lead the new ways into the future,

or we can be among the last ones to follow the old ways of the past.


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