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Like anyone who struggles through life, we wonder if God is out there helping.  We want signs.  But, will getting signs really do that much for us.  In looking for signs, we have to ask, “What God do we seek?”  Do we seek the God of walking on water or the God of forgiveness?  The God of turning water into wine, or the God of Mercy?  The God of Love, or the God of making fishes and loaves?  Do we seek the God of physical phenomenon, or the God of inner Light and Love.  Oh, sure, they’re the same God.  But when we’ve been shown forgiveness, mercy, love and more, how will seeking for external signs give us what we really want to know deep inside ourselves, when it’s love, forgiveness, mercy, patience, etc that we recognize within our deepest parts of ourselves as being what God is really all about.

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Patience 3

Contrary to preferred opinion,

there is always enough time to be patient with others.


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Patience 2

The truth is, when we are patient, we are so because we choose to be.

If we are not patient, it’s simply because we have chosen not to be.


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Patience 1

Patience is not a quality one possesses.

It’s an activity one practices.

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