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Into the Light

“No shadow can overtake the Light. No cloud can extinguish the sun. No act of hatred can cause Love to no longer exist. No human lie can remove the Truth of Unending Love from Christ’s words.” (The Rainbow Cards, 2020, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

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God 30

God does not approach us with judgement or criticism in His heart, but rather patience, understanding, kindness and love. (©, 2006-2017, Jodie Senkyrik)

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His Message

Jesus’ message is not: “Don’t do!”, or “Judge and condemn others!” or “Guilt!” or “Shame.”

His message is none of these. It is simple.  It is plain. It is “Love one another, as I love you.”

(©, 2006-2017, Jodie Senkyrik)

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Everyone who has learned how important it is to love, has learned a little wisdom from loving.  ©, 2016

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Two things

There are only two things that are really important in life –

Love and Love.

©, 2014, Jodie Senkyrik

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We’re not called to be saints.  We’re called to live knowing that the lives and well-being of others are equally as important as our own life and well-being.  Everyone’s well-being is equally important.  Everyone’s hearts and minds are equally important.  Everyone is equally important.  Everyone. (©, 2012)

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Like anyone who struggles through life, we wonder if God is out there helping.  We want signs.  But, will getting signs really do that much for us.  In looking for signs, we have to ask, “What God do we seek?”  Do we seek the God of walking on water or the God of forgiveness?  The God of turning water into wine, or the God of Mercy?  The God of Love, or the God of making fishes and loaves?  Do we seek the God of physical phenomenon, or the God of inner Light and Love.  Oh, sure, they’re the same God.  But when we’ve been shown forgiveness, mercy, love and more, how will seeking for external signs give us what we really want to know deep inside ourselves, when it’s love, forgiveness, mercy, patience, etc that we recognize within our deepest parts of ourselves as being what God is really all about.

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Add God

Do we need a reason to love?
What about this reason – because loving adds God to people’s lives in that moment of love.
Do we need a reason to forgive?
What about – because forgiving adds God to people’s lives in that moment of forgiveness.
Do we need a reason to be patient with others?
How about – because being patient with others adds God to people’s lives in that moment of patience.
Do we need a reason?
consider – to add God via love, forgiveness and patience to people’s lives in the moment.

Because in moments of loving, of forgiving, of patience or kindness, or supportive, or encouraging, or merciful, we’re adding God to people’s lives for that moment. God exists in these acts when they come from within us.  All acts of love, bring God into the world during that moment of love.  Where God is, Love is.  Where Love is, God is.  They cannot be separated.  One doesn’t exist in any moment without the other.

Still, we don’t always recognize this to be true.  We can sometimes recognize love to be present in that moment, but rarely do we think God to be present at the same time, as well.

The next time you want to have an experience of God, Love someone.  God shows up when we love.

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Love 13

For some,

Love is the word they say.

For others, though,

Love is the action they take.

Would you rather receive words of love

or receive demonstrations of love?

Do we speak words of love

or do we demonstrate love?


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Love 12

Everything living responds to love…

some quick, some slow,

but everything…


God knows this.


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Love 11

Loving one person is a good way to realize that we can love many.


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God 17

God finds it just as easy to love us the way we are now, as any other time, and any other way we might want to be or become.

(©, 1996)

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Love 10

We are already good enough to be loved.

(©, 1996)

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Love 9

Love isn’t just a feeling or an ability.

It’s a Motivating Force to be reckoned with.

If we think love is just a feeling,

then it’s not love that we’re feeling.


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God 5

If God is Love, …


Love is God.


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