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Our Legacy

How we live our life while in this world, is our legacy to the world when we leave it. . .  whether good or bad.

Everything we do and think and say and feel and…., has its effect upon our own life and our world . . . which then has an effect upon others . . . which then affects others, and on and on.  This means that our whole life has an effect upon everyone else, no matter how isolated we are or involved we are.

The effort that we put into living our own life makes its impression on the world.  This is what others will see and learn.  This is what we give to the world, not just when we leave, but while we’re here.  It will just be easier to acknowledge when we look back on our life after we’ve left and see what we have given to the world.

We’ve lived our lives one day at a time and each day we’ve given something – either good or bad.  And it all then adds up to equal “One Life”.  Our whole life, made up of “one day at a time” days is our whole legacy.   Even if we ignore any effort, care nothing about anyone, think only of our self, and add pain and sorrow to others lives – this is our legacy to the world while we live in the world and after we’ve left it.

Or if we put forth effort to help when we can, give comfort, be patient, forgive, love, show mercy, seek to understand others, try kindness, seek joy, share, and many other qualities which show forth a spirit of unity among each other, – we can leave a legacy of effort, of trying, of willingness to give something better.

Maybe we can find a way to “Leave the world a better place than when we came into it.”

(Did you notice I didn’t say anything about living a “perfect” life?  Think of the perfect life as a “house built with a room for everything”, including a room for improvement.)


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Death 1

Death does not end life, in the same way that graduation does not end learning.


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Love 4

Love can, and does, move back and forth through the veil of death.


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