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It is best that we don’t believe everything we hear about someone.  It is also best that we don’t believe everything we say about someone.

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Prayer changes things. If any of us don’t believe in prayer, then we simply don’t need to pray for those that we love who are suffering and in great pain.

However, upon seeing those we love suffering and in pain, if we’d like to try believing in prayer to help them…
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Beliefs do not determine what is true, and the Truth does not determine what we believe. ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik

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God has given us eternity to become aware that we are eternal beings. (©, 2012)

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We’re not called to be saints.  We’re called to live knowing that the lives and well-being of others are equally as important as our own life and well-being.  Everyone’s well-being is important.  Everyone’s hearts and minds are important.  Everyone is important.  Everyone. (©, 2012)

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Like anyone who struggles through life, we wonder if God is out there helping.  We want signs.  But, will getting signs really do that much for us.  In looking for signs, we have to ask, “What God do we seek?”  Do we seek the God of walking on water or the God of forgiveness?  The God of turning water into wine, or the God of Mercy?  The God of Love, or the God of making fishes and loaves?  Do we seek the God of physical phenomenon, or the God of inner Light and Love.  Oh, sure, they’re the same God.  But when we’ve been shown forgiveness, mercy, love and more, how will seeking for external signs give us what we really want to know deep inside ourselves, when it’s love, forgiveness, mercy, patience, etc that we recognize within our deepest parts of ourselves as being what God is really all about.

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Believing in Christ

We always make decisions.  Do we believe in Christ, or not? Do we believe what He said or not?  Can He really help? or not?  Do we have to understand His abilities for Him to help? or not?  In life, do we only believe in what we understand? or not?

We can believe in Christ, even though His abilities are beyond our understanding of Christ.

Who understands completely how all the different parts of the world work?  Any one person?  Like computers – who understands all the different parts of the world of computers?  Yet, so many of us use them constantly.

How many of us understand all the theories of physics or chemistry or astronomy and meteorology, medicine, architecture, engineering, music, etc?  Yet we’re involved with all these expecting “someone” to understand it enough to make it work for us.

Why do we then choose to not believe in Christ, in God, or in ourselves simply because we don’t understand?  Christ understands Christ.  God understands God.

Because we want to believe in something we can touch, or see?  What if we step out past our limits and we’re wrong?   To believe in the unseen is to step out past our own confidence.

We find that we had been holding onto a very small world if we step out past our own understanding, because our own understanding is small compared to what is out there waiting to be learned and/or understood.

Believing in something higher than ourselves means also believing that we can love more.  It means that we can care more.  It means that we can forgive more.   Who among us doesn’t know that we have a greater the capacity to love and forgive more than we’ve already done?

Many think believing is of the mind, but I say believing is of the heart – where love, caring, and forgiveness live.  The heart is where God lives.

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